Teen fatally stabbed in altercation

Benjamin Seaford, a 16-year-old unemployed resident of Lot 12 Public Road, Kitty was in the early hours at about 00:45hrs on Gordon Street, Kitty, killed by a 22-year-old unemployed individual residing on Public Road, Kitty, who was at the time armed with a knife.

According to preliminary inquiries, the victim and suspect were acquainted with each other. At the specified date and time, the victim was situated at the corner of Lamaha and Gordon Street, where an altercation ensued between him and the suspect. The confrontation escalated into a physical scuffle, during which the suspect retrieved a knife from his left side pants waist and inflicted multiple stab wounds on the victim’s body.11

Subsequently, the victim fled in a westward direction along Gordon Street, ultimately collapsing approximately 100 feet from the intersection of Gordon and Lamaha Street. The suspect swiftly fled the scene following the altercation.

Authorities were promptly notified, leading to the dispatch of both police personnel and Emergency Medical Technicians to the location. Upon examination, medical professionals from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation pronounced the victim deceased.

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