Police kill Kalibur Security Officer in shoot-out

Authorities are currently investigating a fatal shooting incident involving Michael Britton, known as Mickey, a 39-year-old Security Officer affiliated with Kalibur Security Service and residing at Lot 9 Vigilance South, East Coast Demerara. The incident, which occurred around 14:00 hrs on Tuesday, took place in Vigilance South and involved personnel from the Vigilance Police Station.

Initial inquiries indicate that at approximately 11:30 hrs on the same day, an Inspector, a Sergeant, a Corporal, and three Constables departed from the Vigilance Police Station to conduct cordon and search operations within the Lusignan and Good Hope areas on the East Coast of Demerara.

According to reports provided by the Inspector, at around 13:30 hrs, after completing their search activities, the team was en route to the Vigilance Police Station in a Force Motor vehicle along Brush Dam, Friendship. Their journey was halted when they were approached by a 27-year-old Wash Bay operator, who alleged that Britton had threatened him with a firearm.

In response to the report, police personnel exited their vehicle and proceeded on foot in an eastern direction, accompanied by the Wash Bay operator, who identified Britton approximately 25 feet ahead. Upon noticing the officers, Britton fled in an eastern direction, evading capture by leaping over fences in the area.

During the pursuit, Britton reportedly produced a black firearm and discharged a round towards the officers, prompting them to return fire. Despite the exchange of gunfire, Britton continued his attempt to escape by jumping over several fences in the vicinity.

As the pursuit persisted, Britton suddenly collapsed while attempting to scale a southern fence of an empty lot. Upon closer examination, it was observed that Britton had sustained a wound to the left side of his hip area.

He was quickly placed in a Police pick-up and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where Doctor Kellman pronounced him dead upon arrival.

A subsequent search of the area led to the discovery of a 9MM Canik pistol, along with four (4) rounds in the magazine and one 9MM round in the breach of the firearm. The firearm was processed for fingerprints, photographed, packaged, and submitted for analysis. Additionally, all exhibits, including Britton’s motorcycle bearing the registration number CL 6124, were secured at the station.

During the incident, a 17-year-old bystander was allegedly grazed on his right shoulder. He was escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital by officers from the Vigilance Police Station, where he received treatment and was discharged.

Statements are currently being submitted as investigations into the matter continue.

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