OP-Ed: DJ Magnum’s invite to Chronic Law ignites debate

Dear Editor,

I have been asked for my opinion in the now trending issue that involves Guyana’s number on DJ, Dorel Romeo aka DJ Magnum and Jamaican dancehall artiste Chronic Law. I will not take any international person’s side over my countrymen or women. Period!

Magnum has played a major part in organising the Rick Ross International Mega Concert of which some Jamaican artistes were also invited to perform. It is no surprise that he did an excellent job because the show was a success. A lot of people may not like him but he is arguably our best DJ and a very popular and an excellent entertainer.

I have had a few one on one conversations with DJ Magnum; he conveys a clear mind and sound intelligence with an uncanny grasp of politics and the politics of the streets. I see nothing wrong with Magnum going to Chronic Law’s hotel and inviting him to an after party. That is traditional in the entertainment industry worldwide. I find it disrespectful to our iconic DJ when Chronic Law’s team speaks of the invite in a disrespectful way and venture to diss Magnum as if he is a nobody.

What irks me is that a lot of young Guyanese seem to be rejoicing over that assumed diss by Chronic Law’s management. We have not gotten over our foreign mindedness and our unjustified dislike for our own talent and that is unfortunate and very sad.

Jamaican’s do not go against their own for anyone from another place. Albeit, I find Jamaicans to also be very nice people that get along with Guyanese. I consider popular Jamaican artiste, Mr. Vegas a good acquaintance of mine. I have never made contact with him and he did not respond. Buju is my icon since the days of my youth. I respect Jamaicans and support their music. However, no matter what differences we have as Guyanese, when it comes to outsiders, let us agree to support our own and put them first. We can tell them they are wrong but not in front of others. People do not respect those who put others over their own. Do you know the term for that?


Norman Browne

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