Manhunt underway for escaped prisoner

Law enforcement agencies have initiated a search for Jose Awad, a convicted prisoner who absconded from the Lusignan Prison located in East Coast Demerara. Awad managed to flee while performing labour duties at the snackette within the Cecil Kilkenny Training School compound on Tuesday, approximately at 1:00 PM.

Hailing from Redlock Lima Sand, Essequibo, Awad is serving a two-year sentence for charges related to break and enter and simple larceny.

The escape transpired during a brief period when Awad was left unsupervised, facilitating his flight from custody.

Multiple search teams have been deployed to various locations in an endeavour to apprehend the escapee.

The Director of Prisons has issued an appeal to the public, urging individuals, as well as the relatives and associates of Awad, to provide any pertinent information that could aid in his recapture and subsequent return to custody. Additionally, Awad himself is encouraged to surrender to law enforcement or the relevant authorities to prevent potential escalation and ensure a peaceful resolution.

Assurances have been given that all information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and the rights of the escapee will be respected and upheld.

Individuals possessing information pertinent to the whereabouts of Jose Awad are urged to contact the Officer-in-Charge at Lusignan Prison or the nearest police station promptly.

Meanwhile, the supervising officer responsible for overseeing Awad’s labour assignment will be subjected to close arrest pending investigations conducted jointly by the prison service and the police force.

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