Man found dead after alleged electrocution incident

The lifeless body of Rondel Wilson, aged 36 and a taxi driver, was discovered at his residence on Lot 59 Church Street, Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara, around 12:10 PM on May 12, 2024.

Reports suggest that Wilson had rigged an illegal electrical diversion system within his building, resulting in multiple live electric wires being in close proximity. Residents nearby purportedly heard a loud noise resembling an explosion while Wilson was attending to the wires.

Wilson’s body was later found motionless in a nearby drain by neighbors who promptly alerted the authorities.

Upon arrival, the police conducted an examination of the body for signs of violence, which yielded no evidence thereof.

Subsequently, Wilson’s remains were transported to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead by attending medical personnel. The body now rests at Ezekiel Mortuary, pending a post-mortem examination.

Authorities have initiated investigations into the circumstances surrounding Wilson’s demise, which are currently ongoing.

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